What we offer

As a team of young and talented photographers, we focus on creating magical pieces of art rather than just clicking our cameras. Our customer portfolio speaks for us. Here are some of the services we offer. Flexible choice of wedding packages

We have curated the most flexible wedding packages to suit every type of user. The details about these standard packages and their inclusions are available on our website. By choosing any of our standard packages you would be able to save more every time and you also get a lot of freebies with each of them. There is also an option to build your custom package and putting together the services of your choice.

Pre-wedding and post-wedding shoots in different locations

Besides covering the actual wedding ceremony we also offer pre-wedding and post-wedding shoots. You could also choose the standard full-length package that includes both pre-wedding and post wedding shoots and the wedding ceremony. We assist you in arranging for the costume designer and the makeup artists for all these occasions. For the pre-wedding and post wedding shoots if you require a photographer to travel with you to a different location we would also be able to cover that for you. Our photographer would travel with you throughout your trip and give you the best pictures to cherish. All you have to do is inform us in advance!

Photo editing services

We have a professional photo editing team working with the best photo processing tools. So if you would like professional makeovers done on your photos you could walk into our office and sit with the team to explain the changes you want.

Photo printing and album preparation services

And finally, if you want your photos to be printed out we would also be able to compile them and give you those in the form of a beautiful album. Soft copies of the photos are also given without any touch-ups if requested. .